Changing Our Limiting Beliefs

The Four Agreements

This book has been my companion for so many years. It has helped me understand how the old beliefs that I learned as a child or later on are still in place long after I no longer needed them.

It’s so important to start with our beliefs because our beliefs are the filters, the words and concepts through which we interpret what is going on right now.

When we think of something upsetting it will re-kindle the old painful emotions around that belief. We are then upset, off balance, and the body becomes tense, stressed, and encouraged to produce histamines and hives.

Once we become aware of these old beliefs, we can identify them for healing.

This has helped so many of my clients.

Loving What Is

I came upon this book shortly after reading “The Four Agreements” and discovered a remarkable relationship between the two.

While “The Four Agreements” reveals the beliefs systems that were operating behind the scenes, and shows us how to begin healing them. “Loving What Is” offers us 4 simple questions that help us to remember “what is” really true about any situation leading us to the solution by “realization” not just by conceptualization.

You can use these two powerful books together or individually, it’s your preference.