Manage Your Hives Now – Live Class

What You Will Learn in This Class

Session 1 – How to Immediately Reduce Your Hive Attacks

Understanding Histamine Intolerance
How To Become Your Own Advocate
The Histamine Response, Diet, and Food Journal
Using Antihistamines To Learn What You Can Eat

Session 2 – Strengthening & Utilizing Your Bio Systems

Working With The Gut Biome
Nourishing The Body’s Ability To Heal
Discovering The “New Sciences” That Restore The Bio-Systems
Finding What Works For You

Session 3 – Q&A, Sharing, and Going Deeper

Getting All Your Questions Answered
Sharing Your Experience
Refining The Program To Suit Your Individual Situation
Finding What Works For You

Session 4Discovering the Emotional Triggers To Hive Attacks

How Emotional Reactions Adds To The Histamine Response
How To Turn Around a Stressful Situation and Avoid an Attack
Finding What works for you

Session 5 – Learning Mindfulness Practices To Avoid Hive Attacks

How To Work With Negative Thoughts And Stress
Learn a Simple Yet Powerful Meditation To Relax The Mind & Body
Learn How To Accumulate Rest & Relaxation For Deep Healing

Session 6 – Q&A, Sharing, and Class Summary

Q&A On All Processes and Techniques
Sharing Your Experiences
Review Course Highlights
Where You Go From Here
How to Receive Continued Support

1 on 1 Coaching


In each coaching session you will:
– Receive additional personal support
– Have an opportunity to emphasis class information that is pertinent to your circumstances
– Develop your personal plan with Ed to suit your individual requirements

Live Video Training


In this six session class you will learn to:
– Create a mindset for healing
– Use your diet to manage your hives
– Support your diet with “New Science” Technologies that not only manage but heal
– Create more mindfulness in your day to manage the emotional stress that encourages hives
– How not to be helpless to your hives
– How to be your own advocate

The Next Training Will Start August 26, 2020

Get Ready For A Healing Journey

In this training program you will go on a amazing journey of self discovery. You will learn about the power of your body to heal, manage, and share with you what it needs.

It will take some investigative work on your part to discover whatever it is that is throwing your body off it’s natural rhythms.

It will also take some effort to isolate and find the instrumental influencers that will bring your body back into balance.

That is why this course is designed over three months. This allows you to have the time and support you need to practice the powerful steps that will bring your hives under control.

This Program Includes:

6 Hrs. of Live Class Instruction
2 Hrs. of Live Support Calls
Access to Future Private Course Video’s
Access to Private Course Related Resources

This class is designed for a small group setting. There is only room for 20 participants.

Bonus – The first 10 People to signup will
receive a free 45 minute coaching
session that can be used during the class.

$275 $180
Monthly Payment Plans Are Available*
*Contact Me

Class Dates

Dates Will be announced shortly

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