The Breath Meditation Class

Part 1:  The Foundations of Meditation  (13:39 min)

In this first video Ed introduces two powerful mind-body dynamics that influence our meditations significantly.  When we practice them our meditations will become smooth, effortless, and we will feel the calming effect of meditation. When the body relaxes, it releases stress and heals, it will contribute to the reduction of histamines in the body and restore balance to the nervous system.  

Part 2:  How to Create an Enduring Meditation Practice  (33:25 min.)

In this video Ed shows you how to use the natural mind-body dynamics in your meditation.  He highlights how to avoid the pitfalls of incorrect practice and shares his years of experience, as well as, how one can begin to develop a powerful and lasting meditation practice.  A lasting practice will insure that your body continues to heal, over time, restoring your bio-systems so that hives are not a response to stress. 

Part 3:  Meditation & Mindfulness Training ( 21:26 min.)

In this video Ed takes you through a Breath Meditation and a Mindfulness exercise that you can use on your own to help the body achieve deep rest and healing.  For those of you who want to add meditation practice to manage your hives you now have a powerful tool to not only manage your hives, but to handle any stressful situation that might come your way.