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Sharing What I have learned


Ed Fox

For most of my life I have been a coach helping people to learn mindfulness, overcome struggles, and self-limitations. Yet even that training never prepared me for what was to come so unexpectedly.

Slowly the hives progressed until my nights were a torment and there were no answers, much less solutions to end my suffering. Most of all I lost control of my life and fell into a pit of despair and uncertainty which turned out to be an even greater sense of discomfort.

After the initial shock upon learning that allopathic medicine could not help me I was determined to find the answers. I had no choice because all the doctors could do is prescribe stronger antihistamines, steroids, and shots. So I decided to become my own advocate. It was a big chance to take, but quite frankly, since that point I’ve never looked back.


Learn, Understand, and Manage

My approach was to learn as much as I could about hives. I began to understand what caused them and then started to find the tools to manage them so I was comfortable and not suffering while I worked on the root cause.

I was fortunate enough to meet two influential people in the health and nutritional disciplines and what they taught me, each in there own way, provided the missing pieces of the puzzle. When I finally fitted all the parts together I knew that I had found the key to managing the hives, suffering, and take back my life.

I documented all my experiences, what worked and what didn’t, and formulated a program based on everything that I have learned.

It is a simple program that anyone can learn. It will take some effort but I’ve worked out the kinks so that you won’t make the same mistakes I did.



You can help yourself, be empowered, and utilize your immense inner strength to take your life back from Hives.


You will have to discover the right path for you. I can show you how I found my own path and support your process


I have discovered very powerful tools and “New Sciences” that will assist you in Understanding, Managing, and enjoying your life once more.